Saturday, December 10, 2022

Stamp Carving Designs~

Hi guys!
Just a quick post to share my journey
with stamp carving.  I have done a few the
last couple of nights and it is always fun to me.
I wish I was better at it but practice will help:):)

I plan to use these on art journal pages either stamping
directly or using my stamped samples as I have done in the

Here is another on, 1" x 1". I like to make matching patterns with
these kind of carved stamps.  Just turn them different ways to
get a different pattern.

This is a fun one. When you turn it, the diamond is either tall
or wide.  Every year in December Julie Fei-Fan Balzer does
an event called #carvedecember2022 over on Instagram. 
You can find her @balzerdesigns.  If you follow the hashtag you will 
see some amazing hand carved stamps.  Very talented people. 
You can find me @crafty_mercer

Thanks for stopping by~
Connie /wanna be stamp carver:):)

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