Friday, May 4, 2018

Junkin'~Box from Utah #3

Hi guys!!
My last post sharing the contents of the box from Utah~
more good stuff!!!

Wooden spools of sewing thread along with belt fronts and button cards.  

Trim and miscellaneous jewelry pieces.

One of my favorite things in the box~nail set with shoe horn. It screams 1950,
 to me, but not sure :)

Loved these knitting needles~

Note set~

Dennison Christmas sticker and tag set~

Christmas card set~
So what do you think, did I make a haul or what.  Very cool items
 and I'm itchin' to create with  them.
A BIG thank you (you know who you are). So appreciate your kindness!!!


  1. These are all FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Omgee! You totally rocked it. Love the cards!

  3. I see something when I go antiquing and I think "what would Connie do with this?" You are in my head lady. Great finds.

  4. lucky are you!

  5. One more try I'm pretty sure the nail set is celluloid. Real vintage!


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