Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Try It Tuesday ~ a DecoArt Blogger Outreach Project!

Hi guys!
I'm so excited to share with you my first project with DecoArt as a member
 of the Blogger Outreach Program.  I showed a small cabinet on my blog, about a year ago, that I wanted to refinish and DecoArt help make that happen.  They provided the products and I provided the labor.

I started by cleaning the outside, of the cabinet, with warm soapy water, just getting
 the dirt and grim off.  It was really a mess.  That was one thing that drew me to the Chalk Paint by DecoArt, the cabinet didn't have to be stripped, just cleaned and then painted right
 over the old finish.  Such a plus for me!

As you can see in the first picture the condition of the cabinet was pretty rough.  The Chalky Finish/Primitive paint went on smooth and covered all the ugly dings with one coat of paint.  I applied another coat of paint (just because I loved the way the paint went on) and then let it set a couple of hours and then applied the Creme Wax.  This was done twice. The Creme Wax was applied with a soft rag, so easy and clean up was even easier.  Soap and water, that's it.

The stencil was applied to the front door.  Chalky Finish/Lace was used with a couple of drops of Carbon Black Media Fluid Acrylics to tint the color grey.  To apply the paint, to the stencil, I used a small makeup sponge.  The trick to stenciling is to not over saturate the sponge with paint. The paint will go under the stencil.  Apply a small amount to the sponge and then dab off and then go to the stencil.  I did a practice print first on cardboard. Then I could tell how much paint was too much paint.

The cabinet has a wire shelf and a wire rack, attached to the inside of the cabinet.
 Super cute!
Those were cleaned up with a wire brush and reinstalled.

The before photo on the right. What a huge difference a little paint and love can do.

Supplies used:
Americana Decor Chalky Finish: Primitive
Americana Decor Chalky Finish: Lace
Americana Decor: Creme Wax
Americana Decor: Cafe Paris stencil
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics: Carbon Black

soft rag (to apply Creme Wax)
soft 2" paint brush (to apply the Chalky Finish paint)

Thanks for stopping by~
Connie Mercer/DecoArt Blogger Outreach Program Member


  1. What is so funny Connie is that I was just thinking about that little cabinet last week and wondering if you'd ever got it done. I love chalk paint for the reasons you stated. You definitely knock this one out of the park and I must say I am in the middle of picking out a stencil for an old door and that one is on my list and those spoon door knobs wow once again you knocked it out of the park. I can see chalk paint projects ahead lol just gorgeous

  2. This LOOKS AMAZING! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee what you did with it! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. This is incredible. You did an amazing job. I love decoart.

  5. I truly love this Connie. Beautiful work : )
    <3 Karen

  6. I love everything about this project. Gorgeous and will look beautiful in your home.


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