Monday, January 30, 2017

From the past~vintage items!

Hi guys!
I have some really cool, really vintage things to show you. 
These were gifted to me.  They have been extremely well taken care of and look 
amazing for the age that they are.  First up~

Coffee Grinder
from Manchester, Iowa
1920's - 1950's

Next up~

Coal Bucket and Shovel
I don't have any information on this other than it is from Iowa also.
Isn't it gorgeous!

Next up~

Western Stoneware from Iowa.  Not sure what it held if anything. 
 The leaf stamp gives me impression it was for maple syrup.  

A small child or baby wash tub.  From Iowa also.  The is heavy
 and a really nice piece.

Chamber pot~used at night when you needed to go to the bathroom and you didn't want to go outside to the outhouse.  Will make a great slop bucket for scraps for the animals!
Hope you enjoyed these items from our American past~
I will share more soon.


  1. oooooo I have two of those items. We actually used the coffee grinder when the power went out!!

  2. Laura Ingalls had to use a little coffee grinder like that to grind wheat to survive through a winter of blizzards. Can you imagine?

  3. Ohhhhhhh these are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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