Friday, May 27, 2016

A Journal notebook with S.e.i.~

Hi guys!! I'm here with a journal notebook using the Florets Collection by S.e.i.  In the collection it has a sheet of cork paper.  It's not paper, it is cork but the size of paper.  I really wanted to create something with this, very cool, sheet of cork.   I decided to cover a composition notebook with it ~

I started out like this~

I used double sided tape to hold the cork paper in place. Place the double sided tape as close to the edge of the composition notebook as you can.  The cork will chip off, if it is not right on the edge.  Cut some one inch strips of paper to cover up the seem.  Take a pillow box and cut it half and use the bottom to hold the flowers.

The Florets die cut flowers can be arranged like a bouquet.  The centers are in the Florets sundries pack.  I also added Bright paper doilies under the pillow box for color.  Speckled with black Tumble Dye to finish it off. Looking forward to using this journal notebook.  

Thanks for stopping by~


  1. oooo I love that. Very pretty and adorable. Love those papers.

  2. what a pretty journal. I love those flowers you added.
    Happy Memorial Weekend.

  3. Sooooooooooo gorgeous! LOVING the flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!


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