Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Try It Tuesday~ I've been junkin'!!

Hi guys!
Thanks for stopping in for Try It Tuesday~
Still trying to get you to go junkin':) and enjoy it !!!
Here is what I found~

2 more floral frogs~new sizes to me. Each $4.50

Vintage labels $2 and the neat thing is they are not stuck together :)

Milk caps $2 ~` all red!

Vintage pillow cases ~$16.50. These are gorgeous!

Billiard Pool Ball ~ $1. Love this!!

And here she sits!!!  My favorite color and favorite number!! Score!!!
See ya soon~


  1. ooooo love them all. can't wait to see whatya do with them!!!

  2. YOU had a good day at the junkin! Me too, just today..wonder what it was...

  3. How fun, I just snagged a small box of old Dennison labels that look just like those - but the packaging is probably only 30 years old - judging from the price on the box of 69 cents. I got mine free and they are not stuck either - can't wait to use them.


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