Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Try It Tuesday~Jenni inspired Christmas Ornaments!

Do you have a hour or so?
  That is all you need to make these vintage inspired Christmas ornaments~
Jenni style!

Supplies needed~
JBS mni deck, JBS chipboard Christmas buttons, JBS red/black rhinestones and the JBS spools, hot glue gun ( just goes faster this way), ink (for shading), homespun (for the spools), stick pins, holly leaf and twine.

Ink ( to shade) around the cards.
The card from the mini deck is glued onto the burlap.  I laid the card down and cut around, to get the size.

I then glued the Holly leaf ( just some I had) down followed by the chipboard button.  Roll some twine up and hot glue it under the chipboard button.

Added the stick pins and a Christmas sticker~
The post is up on JBS~
See I told you not much time was needed and so cute!!!!

Thanks for stopping by fot Try It Tuesday guys!!
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See ya soon~


  1. Love love love love these!! LOVING how your flash cards match up perfectly with the tiny print!!!!!!

  2. OMG> TOO much fun and sooooo pretty- especially the little sayings. Had me laughing. lol!!!

  3. These are fabulous, Connie! Love all of the texture and layering!

  4. Connie, love love love all of these! The coloured pins are great and love the backing you have used. I will have to Pinterest these, definitely!x

  5. These are beautiful, Connie! I love how you added the burlap. Very pretty!

  6. Soooo inspiring Connie! Beautiful work~
    I simply LoVe all of the different elements you've used here!
    Thanks for sharing these innovative little ornaments!

  7. These are totally awesome! Love love love them!!!

  8. Fun textures and perfect Christmas decor!

  9. Fabulous. Love the way you used the burlap here. Did you stiffen it or treat it in any way? They turned out so cute!

  10. Festive! Love how you added the twine!


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