Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Try it Tuesday~ My second Configuration box

Have you ever tried doing one of these?  This is my second Tim Holtz Configuration Box and it went faster this time around.  This one is my mom's birthday gift~I'm a little late, but she knows it is coming soon........

I made a six step collage showing how I did it ~ hope this helps get you going!!!
{1} pick your papers~just remember the tissue tape covers some of the paper, so keep that in mind.
{2} take the plastic cover off of the TH Configuration box and set it aside~you won't need it until you are ready to seal up the back.
{3} adhere your paper around the edges of your box ~ I used Helmar's Professional Acid free Glue with a wet paint brush and it spreads on great!
{4} do the same thing on the inside boxes and the bottom shelve~you will see it, so you want to cover it with the pattern paper you chose.
{5} your ready to cover the front of the boxes with the Tim Holtz Tissue Tape.  The tape is sticky so you won't need any glue for this. Lay the tissue tape flat on top ~ use your scissors to clip the inside where the boxes meet ~ repeat this until all of the seems are covered.. You can either tear the tape or use scissors.
{6} now the fun part starts~gather all of your bits & pieces and arrange them in your Tim Holtz Configuration Box. When you get it like you want it start with one box at a time and glue your pieces in.  I used Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Glue ~ it set fast and I liked that.

 These are the glues I used for this project.  I used the Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots to add dimension when I needed an item up higher. It worked great.  It is silicon so put it where you need it and leave it alone. it takes longer to set up.

As I was working on this I was using my Helmar's 450 Quick Dry alot ~ when I sat it down the glue would run to the bottom and then I would have to turn it over and shake it down ~ so my hubby made me this board with holes in it ~ I place them upside down so the glue is in the applicator ready to go.  When you are done with adhering your bits & pieces in, you are ready to seal the box with tissue tape on the back. Put  the front cover {with the plastic inside the cover} on the box and then seal the seems with the tissue tape.

Here is several different views of the box.  It was so fun to do and to look for your bits & pieces is finding little memories you are saving~I loved that. Some of my bits & pieces mean nothing to anyone but me.

The door knob hardware is by Graphic45, put this on the side of box before you seal it up with tissue tape.  The feet hardware are by Tim Holtz.  The feet come in silver so I painted mine with the gold acrylic paint dabber by Adirondack.  All of the hardware matches by doing that. I glued them on with Helmar's 450 Quick Dry.  Works great!!!

Well I hope you are inspired to try this { and I hope I didn't leave an important step out} and mom Happy belated Birthday~you will have it in your hands soon!!! Thanks for stopping in today~see ya soon!!!


  1. wow what a fantastic job! love the step by step instuctions! thanks

  2. omg! that's amazing connie and your mom is gonna love it. where do you find the helmar? i have heard how great it is....i have a shadow box hidden somewhere. i'm thinking a road trip to the attic may be in order. lol!!!

  3. I absolutely adore those details you added to that shadow box Connie!!!

  4. WOW Connie, Fabulous job on your second box! Ever since we made the first I have been wanting to make another (a little addictive). Happy belated to your Mom!

  5. Very pretty! Thanks for explaining your process. What a lovely gift.

  6. Great box! I love the collage of step outs. Great job.

  7. It is so gorgeous Connie, I love the door handle!!! :


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