Monday, December 6, 2010

Try it Tuesday ~ quick cards!

I went to a card making "get together" Sunday afternoon.  I had such a great time! Thank you
Anabelle and Beth!!!  These girls are sisters and love to craft ~ this an annual event.  My third time to go and I'm never disappointed.  This card is an acrylic card made with pre- made tags and matching paper.
This is how it looks opened.  The images on the front are mirrored on the back side of the front cover.  Such a pretty "impressive" card!
These cards were made from wrapping paper and the pre-made image tags or stickers.  There is a little stamping on the "red bird" card.  These are very easy to make!

Another acrylic card with the tag images mirrored on both sides.  The inside is matching paper and a stamped sentiment.
This  is the back of the card. So cute!!

These are the last two  cards we made.  The snowflake card is so pretty and is made with a large plastic snowflake.  The girls told us these came twelve to a pack.  The blue snowflakes are stickers.  The other card with the ornaments on it ~ is stationary paper. Who would have ever guessed!  I love how the cards came out and I loved the company ~ fabulous day!! Thanks again, girls!!


  1. oh wow oh wow. your cards are magnificent. yum!

  2. these are awesome! wow, i love the clear ones.

  3. Wow Connie Gorgeous!!! Cards, i love the little penguin so cute!


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