Monday, August 2, 2010

Try this Tuesday

This was a really fun project!! I went through my pictures and pulled out the pictures that had tons of GREEN in them-Green just happens to be my favorite color. My eyes are green, I gravitate to green things, my walls in my house are painted green, I have green chairs - so why not a green scrapbook page!!! Try it with your favorite color - just a simple page that makes a statement about your favorite color!!! Have fun with it and let me know what your favorite color is and I will have a drawing for some cute little stamp sets. If you become a blog follower your name goes in twice. Help a girl out- my goal is 100 blog followers!!!! I will announce the winner next Tuesday!!!!


  1. very fun! Green is one of my fave colors as well!

  2. Green is my favorite! Love this and love your blog. Will definitely come back. Thanks!

    ~Mermaid Shelley

  3. Thank you Connie, I always appriciate kind words. I love your gird on this layout and your photos are beautiful


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