Friday, July 16, 2010

Saturday Sketch

What a great way to start Saturday with a "scrappy" sketch. If you are local I will be teaching at Craft Crossing at 2:00 in Gonzales. This is the sketch that we will be putting our photos on and using our favorite paper!!! The top layout is my interpretation of the sketch. That is why I love working with sketches-you can flip them top to bottom or left to right, take off or add on and it's all up to you!!! Let me know if you are interested in "Sketch Saturday" and I will start putting up sketches to keep you busy on Saturday!!


  1. Love it....can't wait for class tomorrow! Now that I am just getting into scrapbooking I am finding that sketches really do help kickstart my pages.

  2. Yeah!!! I want to join the sketch class...


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