Saturday, March 20, 2010

Same pic's done differently

The same pictures scrapbooked differently - two different styles!
The first one is done in a Jenni Bowlin style-which I adore!!! You know - kinda of funky and vintage looking!!!

This one is done with a Cathy Zielske sketch from Design Your Life. I really do like them both but prefer the first one to the design of this one.

This is week 12 of DYL. I just posted my last assignments in the gallery. I have learned tons about design and want to continue to learn more about design and photography - they go hand in hand! Have a great day and thanks for stopping in!!


  1. Oh Connie those are both beautiful! Loving the first one and the second is so classic. Lovely work.

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  3. I love both those layouts. The 2nd one is the one I would normally do but the 1st one is what I would love to learn to do. Thanks for sharing with us. I canceled the first post because of


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