Friday, November 20, 2009

AC Bailey Jingle Bell Hop!

Welcome to the AC Bailey Jingle Bell Hop! With the holidays literally around the corner, the AC Bailey Design Team has decided to help Santa (and you) out this year with some fun and easy projects to make the holiday gift season a bit easier. And just like Santa, we've also gotten some extra help this year and asked some additional elves to help out and post some of their cool projects too! And if that isn't enough help...we've also arranged for some early Black Friday sales just in case you need some products to get the projects completed.

So come out and meet our Elves...check out their projects..leave a comment on their blogs and be eligible for a prize-upload some of your completed projects from the tutorials into the AC Bailey gallery and be eligible
for another prize! projects need to be completed and uploaded into the gallery by Tuesday, November 24th at Midnight Eastern to be eligible for a prize.
Hi everyone. My name is Connie and I'm on the DT for AC Bailey. I love scrapbooking and all kinds of paper crafts!! My project is a covered journal using A/C duct tape. The tutorial has nine frames, each number will be referring to that frame in the collage picture - so let's get started.

Cast of Characters:
composition notebook or your choice
a/c duct tape (silver - shur tape) hardware store
nail polish remover
photo tape
Staz-on ink /Timber Brown
Tim Holtz/sanding grip
slide frames (9)

1. Cut strips of a/c duct tape 2" longer than the size of the notebook. You will need 6 for the front and 6 for the back.
2. Remove the red lettering on the a/c duct tape with the nail polish remover.
3. Lay your first strip of duct tape down on the notebook-over lapping until the entire front and back are covered.
4. Cut the hang over off with scissors and then use sanding grip to sand off the edges-sanding in a downward direction.
5. Use the sanding grip to distress the front of the notebook- pound and hit the notebook with the end of the grip to add marks in a/c duct tape.
6. Apply the Staz-on ink to the front of the notebook-small sections at a time. Rub off with a paper towel. Continue this process on back side also.
7. Cover the slide frames (2" x 2") or cut your own using a die cutting machine. Mine are 2" x 2 1/2". Same process as on the front and back. Ink them and rub off ink with paper towel.
8. Cut you pictures to size and attach to the back of the slide frame and then attach with photo tape to front of notebook. Do all nine frames this way.
9. This is the fun part-embellish to your liking-add buttons, flowers, hearts-pretty stuff and ENJOY!!!!

Glad you stopped by-leave me a comment so you will be eligible for prizes and the next stop is Lisa's blog ! Have a great day!!!!


  1. Great Idea with Duct tape Connie! however I think I would have to go buy my own, hubby might get bent out of shape if I get into his tool bag...LOL! ~~Rhonda

  2. Great idea! I haven't seen anything like this-very cool!

  3. Love this Connie..I'm going to go look for the duct tape now!! I know some people that will be getting this for Christmas.

  4. I am definitely making some of these! Awesome!!

  5. Connie, that is just too cool! I love it. I'm gonna have to go buy some duct tape too.

  6. Connie what a fun project. I've not yet played with duct tape, but I so want to now!

  7. I am definitely going to have to give this technique a try!! Thanks Connie!

  8. wow..totally blown away with this one!! It's GORGEOUS...I'm so going to try this!!

  9. What a great idea. I never would have thought of this. Would be a great way to do an altered notebook for a more masculine look too.

  10. Oh Connie, you are a very clever girl. Love this idea with the duct tape. I'm thinking of changing it up a bit and doing this same treatment to a piece of wood and use it as a home decor item. Perfect grandma gift. Thanks

  11. So cute Connie! I've altered composition books but never thought to use duct tape on it, great idea!

  12. I have to agree with cardsister, I have never seen anything like this try this for sure....totally cool project craftygoodies!!!

  13. What a neat project...I wouldn't have ever thought of altering a composition book like this. THANKS for all the tips!!!

  14. Awesome! At first I thougth it was a cookie sheet lol. Great idea


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