Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more crafties

These are calendar book marks. You can go to www.timeanddate.com to get your calendars for the book marks. All I did was mat the calendars and add some ribbon.
I used jiffy pop corn(stove type) and covered the tops with a little paper, stamped a holiday greeting, ribbon and snowmen!!! Quick gift!

The metal clips can be purchased at an office supply store. Just cover the bottom and dust off those punches and add a shape, add a little sparkle and you have a photo holder, recipe holder or place setting holder.

This is a beverage card that can be made very easily and attched to any beverage as a gift card. As you can see, I have been crafting this week. I love to craft and make something out of nothing. One of my favorite things to do. Most of these projects were made from left over paper kits and scraps. I hope you will get your scrap papers out and create. Have a great week!!!

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