Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Try It Tuesday ~ collections, anyone?

Hi guys!
I have another vintage collection to share with you for Try It Tuesday.  I don'y know why old vintage games inspire me, but they do.  Some of these I have had for a long time, so what I paid has long been forgotten.  
 These are really cool and you can tell they were much loved and played with.

 This set has a really colorful box, caught my eye.

 I'm sure these are not old but they are handmade ~ another reason to love them :)

 This card set is about the size of a 5 x 7 photo.  When I bought them many moons ago, they were for a gag gift.  Now I think they are really neat and different.  
They would make neat covers for score keeping books.

Even cool on a scrapbook page  for layering a photo.

Thought these would be neat and fun on scrapbook pages :)

Another road trip in the near future.  Taking the grands back home. 
See ya soon~


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