Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Try It Tuesday~ the old Jenni paper's and WRMK!!

Hi guys~
I have such a cool post today. Remember the "old" Jenni paper's, the ones that weren't printed on both sides and were a light weight paper~I found a really PERFECT card for those papers and that is what is going on for 
I also bought the We Are Memory Keepers envelope  punch board and those same papers I'm talking about, make a perfect envelope using this new tool.   I made five cards~one more thing, this is where I found the cool card at  HERE.  I hope you will watch her video, super crafty, this girl Dawn !!!

Ok here we go~

card #1

card #2
On these two cards I matched my papers with the envelopes. Makes a nice set that way.

card #3

oops~folded this one wrong~

card #4

card #5
I hope you stashed some of these papers away, they really are perfect for this type of project and the cards  are beautiful.  I just checked the JBS Mercantile and you can still get some of the papers, HERE
 I'm up over on Darkroom Door Here. I'll have my blog post up on Wednesday!!!
See ya soon~


  1. Wow! This is wonderful. I need to make up some cards for my granddaughter and this would be perfect. I'm going to check it my local stores carry it. Thanks Connie.

  2. These are beautiful sets, Connie, and who wouldn't love to get a matching card and envelope!

  3. I DO remember those papers!! I had a ton of them forever!! I am LOVING the cards and envelopes you made with them!! LOVING the colors and love love love the sunburst rays!!!!!

  4. ooooo WOWZERS!!! Those cards are beautiful and those envelopes yummy. Goes to show old is the new new. lol!!!

  5. Thank you for reminding me why I wanted that envelope maker. Just love your pretty cards and matching envelopes!

  6. WOW these are all amazing.. love the matching envelopes.. now i might have to buy one....heehee

  7. Super love these Connie!! I haven't seen most of those old JBS papers...wow...I love them. You are lucky to have them in your stash. I have been collecting some of the "old" Jenni papers and find I like using them for collage and layering. I wish Jenni would re-introduce some of those older prints...I want them all! Also, loved that you combined some of the newer JBS embellishments...it works so well. You are inspiration central ;) Evie

  8. Such pretty cards with great designs. Love them all!

  9. These are AWESOME! SURE WISH I had your talent Girl!

  10. These are very pretty cards and matching envelopes.


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