Saturday, October 4, 2008

Recipe card Challenge - WINNER

The players in the recipe card challenge are ( starting from the bottom) are Jan, Katie, Cindy and Sandi. I loved all the cards and it was impossible to pick a winner. They were all so good, so I had Randy pick out of a cup and the winner of the recipe card challenge is
Cindy!!!! Yeah you won again.
Boy Katie and Sandi are gonna be mad. Good job sis, catch you on the next one.
Thanks to Jan for playing along. I hope you will keep playing. The challenges are so much fun and we learn stuff too.


  1. Thank you! Thank You! It was a great challenge and I had a lot of fun with that one! (Thank Randy for me, too!)

  2. UMMMM, exccccuuuuuuuuse ME!!!! I clearly think this was rigged of nepotism....I don't see how Cinny could have beat ME with the challenge I put out there...hahaha!! Way to go Cinny...You rock, SISTAHHHH!!!!

  3. Oh, and did I need to thank Randy for anything also??? Please, lest I be left out, thank Randy for me to, for what I am not sure, but please thank him... :), Cinny...haha

  4. Not cool, Aunt Connie! I am outraged!!! I'm going to have to speak to my union delegate (who also happens to be Sandi) about this. Then, I'm going to write my congressman, and start a petition and maybe even picket the green gate... well, that sounds like alot of work, maybe not... Ok, I'll let you off this time, as long as you let me win your next challenge, ok???


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