The Sketchbook Project ~ 2011 and coming soon, 2019 !

Update on my sketchbook from 2011 ~ I have decided to participate
 in the Sketchbook Project ~ 2019.  It is due Nov. 2018, so I'm still trying to get a theme going and 
organize my thoughts on what I am trying to achieve.  Stay tuned~
I will post it here~

Page 1

page 2~3

page 4~5

page 6~7

page 8~9
page 10~11

page 12~13
page 14~15

page 16~17
page 18~19

page 20~21
page 22~23

page 24~25

page 26~27
page 28

back cover

This project started with one concept in mind~ {she believed she could so she did} my motto!!! That was my starting point for my story~telling my ups and downs with my "art" and where I want to take it!!! My struggles, my successes and my dreams!!!  I used techniques I learned from Claudine Hellmuth and some of my own.  The sketchbook had close to a hundred pages so I machine sewed the pages together making the 30 pages.  I collaged old dictionary paper on the pages and then painted over them ( using CH paints) I hand painted Ivy on each page and bird houses.  The text is from G.C.D./Melody Ross~her words really spoke to me and I was able to use them to tell my story. I also added stamped images (Wendy Vecchi) to my pages.  The Sketchbook will reside in The Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn NY when it is done with the current tour.

The Brooklyn Art Library
Yes, I have one in all of those art journals ~may not be the best but it is mine!!!!